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Re: Suggestion: Post-installation README file (Was: The problem of core classes for Java compilers)

On Thursday 9 September 1999, at 0 h 16, the keyboard of Daniel Barclay 
<daniel@dsb.smart.net> wrote:

> Most of Unix is based on configuring or controlling things with 
> environment variables.  Things (e.g., Sun's JVM) are designed with 
> that in mind.  When there aren't appropriate defaults before the
> user has set them (e.g., with an environment variable), forcing
> some default probably isn't a good idea.

I disagree but, anyway, this is a old point in the Debian Policy and not 
likely to change.


> Maybe each Debian package should have a standard post-installation README
> file that:

See with the debian-policy people.

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