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Re: Multibyte encoding - what should a package provide?

(Apologies to anyone who is getting this twice; I originally posted to a
linux.debian.devel newsgroup, but the setup seems to be one-way; mailing
list -> newsgroup.)

On 8 Sep 99 08:40:41 GMT, sen_ml@eccosys.com <sen_ml@eccosys.com> wrote:
>as i mentioned in the original message, i think it would be worthwhile
>to have someone post images that illustrate the point.

I've created some images to demonstrate the Unification controversy
surrounding CJK characters in Unicode at
http://home.att.net/~fandora/unicode/unicode.html .

(There are also some examples in the hardcopy Unicode 2.0 book,
on pages 6-108 to 6-110.  ISBN 0-201-48345-9)

It doesn't illustrate the "missing CJK character" controversy, which
is not a problem unique to Unicode anyway, but plagues contemporary
national character sets used in East Asia.

Thomas Chan

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