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On Wed, Sep 08, 1999 at 07:14:37PM +0200, Miquel van Smoorenburg was heard to say:
> In article <cistron.19990908130300.A558@bluegreen.dhis.org>,
> Daniel Burrows  <Daniel_Burrows@brown.edu> wrote:
> >    -> It groks filesystems.
> >
> >  FWIW, I think that GRUB should be the standard bootloader for Debian
> >eventually.
> H. Peter Anvin (aka "hpa") is writing a new bootloader for Linux that
> will do things like this as well and it might be less, well, "clunky"
> (at least that's the feel I got from GRUB). If you want to change the
> default bootloader after potato gets released which is a few months
> away anyway it might be worth checking out this project by that time.
> Mike.

  Interesting.  Is there information about it posted somewhere?


 (Hmm, for some reason my sig rotation has picked this one several times
  in the last day or two.  Creepy.. :) )
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