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Steven Baker <sbaker@networkpaging.com> writes:

> ObPrivate: This should probably be sent for further opinion to -devel
> if the overall opinion is "go ahead" here.  I don't care if anything I
> say here gets repeated elsewhere...  You have been warned.

In that case...

> I have been reading about the GRand Unified Bootloader, or GRUB, for
> the past few weeks and have been considering it as an alternative to
> LILO on my own system.
> After installing GRUB, and being greeted with MORE than satisfactory
> results, I am proposing that we perhaps ditch LILO for GRUB, or
> provide both as an option in potato.  Of course, the freeze for potato
> is coming up on us quickly, so it may be more desirable to wait until
> the next release after potato.

Provide both, but FWIW I'm not at all in favour of ditching LILO.
LILO is the accepted default, and grub will *not* boot my machine---I
use a serial console, and grub has zero serial console support, last
time I looked.  A lot of the documentation out there deals primarily
with LILO, and some of it other bootloaders not at all (cf the Kernel
makefile, for example!).

If grub were installed, I'd have to plug a monitor and keyboard in if
I wanted to boot single-user or provide a kernel option.

OTOH, LILO couldn't boot the HURD, last time I checked.


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