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Re: Multibyte encoding - what should a package provide?

bortzmeyer> There is a classical example which is even simpler to grasp for European-languages users: the decimal dot in english (3.14) is the same glyph (== shape) as the dot which marks the end of a sentence.

although this example illustrates a good point, i think it is a little
different from what was mentioned originally.  there really are
characters that look different that are treated as the same, and i
think this is not illustrated by the offered example.

in the 'english decimal dot'/'end of sentence marker' case, the glyphs
really are the same, aren't they?  (please tell me if you think i'm off
on this point)

as i mentioned in the original message, i think it would be worthwhile
to have someone post images that illustrate the point.

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