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re: gmp (was:ITP: uclcommon (UCL Common Code Library))

On Wed, 8 Sep 1999, Ron wrote:

> > > hmm..  does this mean a bugreport is in order for the gmp3 package?
> > > It's a frontend to the mpg123 mp3 player, and a name clash waiting to
> > > happen with the GNU Multiprecision arithmetic library, (gmp1, gmp2)
> > 
> > gmp2 has already taken care of this problem by changing its name to
> > libgmp2. Thus, when libgmp3 comes out, there will be no name clash.
> Ahh, ok..  Id been wondering about that one for a while ;-)
> just looking at the package list now then, we seem to have something
> of an excess of gmp packages in that case..  in particular we have
> gmp gmp2 and libgmp2 which all appear to be the same lib release but
> with different debian revisions..  I can understand keeping gmp1
> around if things may depend on it, but is there a good reason for
> keeping all those gmp2 versions in the archive?  If this is now cruft
> it might be nice to sweep it out before the next release.

I've been meaning to submit a bug to ftp.debian.org on this. Feel free to
beat me to it ;-) (I am terrible about submitting bug reports)


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