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Re: Debian getting better! (was Re: Senseless Bickering and Overpoliticization)

> From: Helen McCall <helen@dinoflagellate.demon.co.uk>
> Debian is far and away the best operating system, and software suite, that
> I have used in thirty years. It has never once let me down through the
> last few years of intensive usage.
> The quality of your work is outstanding. All of you should be justly proud
> of your achievements in giving all this to the World. My thanks go out to
> all of you.
> For all of you who have provided Debian, to quarrel now is mere folly.

Hear hear!  Debian is fantastic.  It's the most coherent and
convenient OS I've ever used, and I've hacked on everything from
RSTS/E and TOPS-20 to MacOS.

It cannot be a coincidence that Debian is put together by an
argumentative bunch.  Please do keep quarreling about technical
issues, as this is this crucible that forges the distribution.  But
all the developers should remember, as do your >10^6 grateful users,
that the Debian developers have done a wonderful thing.  You all share
one ultimate goal: to have fun while making Debian even better, even
more comprehensive, even more reliable, even easier to manage and use.

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