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Re: FWD: RMS and Debian on his Toshiba

Why don't we just put a "Updated Drivers" section up on the web for packages
that we may not normally update within a stable release.  This way one
could just go to a page within Debian.org and download the packages
they need to upgrade.  

It's either this or we allow for updating of stable packages like we do
for security fixes.  (I'm pretty sure we do...dunno)...

I think it would probably be best to do the web thing...the only issue
there is making sure that we don't have too many dependecy issues with the
newer packages...(ie..they couldn't rely on other unstable packages).

Just a thought


On Wed, Jan 13, 1999 at 04:18:59PM +0000, Jonathan Buzzard wrote:
> I was trying to be more constructive by suggesting possible ways in
> which more up to date hardware drivers could be incoporated into
> Debian to ease the installation of Debian on new hardware.
> All I got was the status quo is not to do that even if it's a problem
> and we have no plans/wish to change it. What alternatives do I have?
> JAB.
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> Jonathan Buzzard
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