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Re: (In)ability to turn features off in configure scripts

On Mon, Sep 06, 1999 at 01:01:57AM +0200, cavok@tech.netway.it wrote:
> i bypassed it splitting my original source in two: one for no-ssl and
> the other for ssl.
> when i didn't want ssl support, i commented out libssl check line
> in *configure.in* (in order to work even after autoconf another invocation), so,
> even if i have this libray on my system it doesn't get linked against my prog.

I know autoconf. I helped to convert a package to use
libtool/automake/autoconf. Anyway, it did not work work python-gnome since
calling autoconf does not work. Resp. it does work but when you call make
after that it tries to regenerate aclocal and some macros can be found neither
in /usr/share/aclocal nor in the macros/ directory of python-gnome :(

I worked around it by including a patched configure.in as configure.in.Debian
and storing the modified configure under the normal name. Not nice but it


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