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Re: your mail

On Mon, Sep 06, 1999 at 14:22:51 +0200, Alexander Pompilii wrote:
>    What we wanna do is run FreeBSD on the Alphas.

Shouldn't you be speaking to BSD folks rather than Linux folks?

>    Is there a FreeBSD Version how run's with an Alpha Dec Server 4100

Isn't FreeBSD rather i386-centric? Shouldn't you be looking into NetBSD for
a BSD on Alpha?

>            ¦__FreeBSD
>            ¦__Oracle Database

Oracle is available for Linux (on i386; I don't know about non-i386
hardware); are you sure that it is available for a BSD?

Check out http://www.debian.org/ports/alpha/ for information on Debian
GNU/Linux on Alpha. 

>            ¦__Service Contract with you / or any company how can give us
>    support

Check out http://www.debian.org/support for the free and commercial support
options available to Debian GNU/Linux users.

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