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Re: Idea to improve PR

> Excellent idea. Here is a preliminary list, I just looked for .tar.gz files
> in unstable that were not .orig.tar.gz files. I made 3 lists, actually. But
> I know the first list is incomplete, because some things like cfingerd and
> sysklogd didn't show up by this method and I had to add them by hand.
I'm not really sure, if the missing .orig.tar.gz file is sufficient
to decide, if the package maintainer is the author or not.  All my
packages have orig.tar.gz files because I offer them also via ftp.
> Packages with debian developers as thier upstream maintainers, that may be
> in use by people outside debian. I have marked packages I'm sure are in use
> elsewhere with a star.
where I wrote each single line of code.  May be
where I'm responsible for the overworked release 2.0 as co-author.
All these packages are *not very* importand for a working Linux
system, but may show the fact that authors could ship their own source
also as .orig.tar.gz.

Kind regards


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