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Bug#44409: Remove all *msql*

Package: ftp.debian.org
Version: n/a


like I already announced, I hereby request to remove all *msql*
packages that are maintained by me.  They were already orphaned, but
nobody took them, they're out-dated as well, maintaining the core
packages is a pain.  Oh well, and they're non-free/contrib while there
are better replacements like PostgreSQL.

Please remove these packages:

  Source: msql
  Binary: libmsql2, msql-doc, msql, msqld, w3-msql

  Source: dbf2msql
  Binary: dbf2msql

  Source: msql-modules
  Binary: msqlperl

  Source: xsqlmenu
  Binary: xsqlmenu

Raphael Herzog has acknowledged to remove his package as well:

  Source: libdbd-msql-perl
  Binary: libdbd-msql-perl

Gergely Madarasz has acknowledged to remove his packages as well:

  Source: php3-msql
  Binary: php3-msql

  Source: php3-cgi-msql
  Binary: php3-cgi-msql

Christian Hammers will build his libch library without msql support
for the next release so libchmsql-mysql-perl will be removed as well.



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