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Re: ITP: uclcommon (UCL Common Code Library)

Chu-yeon Park <kokids@wdb.co.kr> writes:

> I packaged ucl common code library and uploaded it already.
> Source package : uclcommon
> deb package name : libucl-common (libs)
>                    libucl-common-dev (headers, static libraries)
> This library is required to build rat, sdr and forth.
> I had uploaded this package, but as package name was *COMMON* and simple,
> It was rejected. So, I uploaded it with name changed.

shouldn't the library packages have the so name appended to them
(i.e. libucl-common0 or whatever)? and maybe mbonecommon is a better
name (why the dash anyway?). waiting for this to be sorted out so i
can upload a new vat package.


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