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Re: Feaping Creature-ism in core Debian Packages

Martin Schulze wrote:
> I guess it would be useful to be able to build each package from a
> multi-binary package on their own.  The drawback is that *many* packages
> need to be changed and not every maintainer is able to work on this.
> And we would not gain much from it, since it would be only needed in
> rare cases of an incomplete port.

For packages using debhelper, I came up with some makefile and debhelper
magic the other day that allows this. See
/usr/doc/debhelper/examples/rules.multi2 or the aalib package. The neat
thing is both use only one binary-common target, which is called with a DH_*
variable set to make it build different sets of binary packages, as needed.
So the debian/rules only grows by about 4 lines.

It was suprisingly easy. There are some constraints placed on how you can
call debhelper commands, so others may not find it as easy as I did.

Of course, this only affects the binary-<package> targets, the rules file
still has a build target that builds everything, even bits that might not be
needed. Splitting that is probably far more work in general.

see shy jo

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