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Re: Compiling the kernel with the new gcc - help

On Fri, 3 Sep 1999, Gordon Russell wrote:

> I have compiled the kernel many times in the past, but now I am really stuck...
> I am getting messages like:
> seagate.c: In function `internal_command':
> seagate.c:1252: Invalid `asm' statement:
> seagate.c:1252: fixed or forbidden register 3 (bx) was spilled for class BREG.
> I am using kernel 2.2.10, and the new gcc 2.95-1.
> I changed the CFLAGS to have -fno-strict-aliasing, as advised in the README.

gcc 2.95 doesn't properly compile most recent 2.2.x kernels (dixit Alan


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