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Re: Dynamic user needed for shadow-analyzer: "shadowanalyzer"

Craig Sanders <cas@taz.net.au> writes:

> On Thu, Sep 02, 1999 at 03:11:36PM +0100, Philip Hands wrote:
> > I need a user to run scp, and to own generated web pages for
> > shadow-analyzer (which I'm in the process of packaging, and is one
> > half of a pair of packages for logging and analyzing network traffic)
> >
> > Unless anyone objects, I'll be calling the user ``shadowanalyzer'' and
> > be installing it in the package's preinst, with adduser --system.
> please keep it 8 characters or less.
> i know that >8 character usernames work, but there are still many
> utility programs that display users as %8s. long names are annoying,
> anyway.

Fair enough.  How about ``shadanal'' then ?

> better yet, make the username configurable if possible - the local
> system admin is going to have to set up (presumably passwordless) ssh
> access for the user, anyway, in order for the scp to work.

Well, I was planning on reimplementing that bit at some point (using
OpenSSL from perl), so that it can go in main.

I'd prefer to avoid adding more postinst questions if possible, so
settling on a name that is very unlikely to already be in use seems
like the way to go to me.

Cheers, Phil.

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