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Re: chroot'd daemons

>> I read in the LSAG, I think, that there is a bind package available for RedHat
>> that runs in a chroot'd environment. Wouldn't it be wise to do the same for
>> some Debian packages too?
>Yes, but perhaps it is enough to have a "jail builder" package, so you have
>less data to download. This is something like the ftpd routne which checs if
>the anon dir is populated with recent libs and ls. And of course you need to
>avoid running the daemons as root, which is unfortunatelly needed as long as
>you dont patch kernel or use capablities.

We currently have a fine authbind package which allows us to easily run daemons
such as DNS servers as non-root.
With that setup why do we need to have a chroot() environment for a daemon? 
Surely we can just give it it's own UID and then it can't do much harm if

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