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Re: Possible bug in multiple packages

> > Sendmail too has the problem of ambiguity, the executableness of
> > /usr/sbin/sendmail doesn't necessarily mean the init.d script should
> > run.  Maybe it could check for someting in /usr/lib/sendmail instead of
> > docs.
> Perhaps /etc/sendmail.cf?

No.  The /etc/init.d/sendmail script should only run if sendmail is
installed.  /etc/sendmail.cf will exist if the package is removed but
not purged (it is a conffile, I believe).



  Julian Gilbey, Dept of Maths, QMW, Univ. of London. J.D.Gilbey@qmw.ac.uk
        Debian GNU/Linux Developer,  see http://www.debian.org/~jdg

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