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Help: Non-dpkg installed packages

Hi Debian developers,

	I have been using Debian 2.1 for last 5 months now. It is an
excellent distribution BTW. I normally prefer to install packages the
debian way, however, I had to compile a few packages the non-debian way
since there were no latest .deb files available and also I found it too
complicated to debianise sources for these packages. Compiling using
conventional ./configure make and make install was much easier. For
example, I found Lesstif 0.88.9 to be much easier to build the non-debian
way. But since it was not installed the debian way, dpkg doesn't know
about it and won't install packages that depend on Lesstif. I would like
to know whether it is possible to somehow trick dpkg into believing that
Lesstif is installed. If it is possible, how can this be accomplished?

Amal Phadke, Ph.D Candidate
Department of Ocean and Resources Engineering, SOEST
University of Hawaii at Manoa

Email: phadke@oe.eng.hawaii.edu | WWW: http://oe.eng.hawaii.edu/~phadke

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