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Re: [vote] I'm changing my vote

        [moving to debian-devel]
>>"Raul" == Raul Miller <moth@debian.org> writes:

 Raul> Also, for the long run, it would be good to implement an
 Raul> update-fsstnd-link program (args: add/remove and packagename).
 Raul> This way this transition policy could be updated without having
 Raul> to change every deployed package.  This would require that
 Raul> every essential package predepend on the package (fhs-support?)
 Raul> which supplies this program, and would require mention in the
 Raul> release notes for people who install potato packages on slink
 Raul> systems.

        Actually, an idea that may have merit is to implement hooks in
 dpkg; {global,local}{pre,post}{inst,rm} hooks (per package and per
 dpkg run), (global hooks apply to the whole site (all packages);
 local hooks belong to the package in question).

        Identifying other points at which a hook may be used can be an
 interesting exercise. 

        The symlinks could be added to global, per package, post inst
 and prerm hooks. The menu instructions can be added to the local,
 post inst, per dpkg run hook.

        And other nifty things could be done with the hooks as well ;-)

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