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Re: Release-critical Bugreport for August 27, 1999

On Tue 31 Aug 1999, Ruud de Rooij wrote:
> I do seem to recall that (at least during the hamm freeze) maintainers were
> encouraged not to close bugs reported against the stable version of their
> package, until said packages were in the stable archive.  Maybe I am wrong
> and there was no such rule.  Maybe the common opinion on this matter
> changed.

No, AFAIK the `rule' was that you shouldn't close the bug until the
package was installed. Where the package was installed wasn't the
point; the fact that the incoming queue was backed up regularly at
that time was the reason for this (it could take a significant number
of days after the upload for a package to get installed; closing the
bug before then was `not done').

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