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Re: Feaping Creature-ism in core Debian Packages

Paolo Molaro wrote:
> The script creates a new directory debian/dh_scripts
> that contains a self-contained installation of the debhelper scripts
> (maybe only the ones used by the makefile).
> Munging the PATH variable takes care of using this scripts instead
> of the installed ones.
> This means that one has to manually "upgrade" the local copy of
> the scripts, but that is not a big deal.

Debhelper was designed to allow you to do this (since, as I've said, people
2 years ago raised the same concerns Dale has). The necessary settings, if
anyone is interested:

* Add the directory you put the debhelper scripts in to your PATH in the
  rules file.

* Set DH_AUTOSCRIPTDIR to a directory that includes any of the script
  fragements from /usr/share/debhelper/autoscripts that you would use.

* Put Dh_GetOpt.pm and Dh_Lib.pm in debian/

With those setting and the necessary scripts included in the package, the
build can be completly self contained, requiring only perl.

Not that I reccommend anyone do this. In fact, about the only package ever
to use such a self contained debhelper build environment is ... debhelper.

see shy jo

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