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Requests from one Japanese User.

Hello, all.

I request the following x-terminal package maintainers to make multipackage to
display Kanji. (I have also submitted to BTS.)

	sed -e 's/\/\* #define KANJI \*\//#define KANJI/' \
	src/feature.h.in >  \
	mv src/feature.h.tmp src/feature.h.in

	./configure --enable-kanji

Unfortunately, many (but not all) package maintainer (or upstream
Developers) do not think seriously multi-byte and I18N.  However above
two packages can use the multi-byte characters without patches.

Please re-make these packages to provide multiple ones, at least until
frozen.(one is unable to use multi-byte, the other is usable to use
multi-byte. like rxvt package.)

If you do not provide it by the middle of October, I would like to
NMU.  (I think this is enough reason to NMU.)

Research Institute of Electrical Communication
Tohoku University
Dr. Ryuichi Arafune

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