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Re: debian supported PGP stuff

On Wed, Sep 01, 1999 at 08:38:39PM +0400, Alexander Kotelnikov wrote:
> in 'developers-reference' that came with slink is written:
> "Our standard is to use pgp version 2.x. You can use pgp version 5, if and
> only if you make an RSA key. Note that we are also working
> with the gpg team so that we can have a free alternative to PGP; however,
> this may take a little bit of time."
> is this "little bit of time" taken and gpg became an alternative
> standart for Debian?

dinstall supports GnuPG now.  It's just not widely(-enough) known yet.
It's been posted many times to this list, but many do not read -devel
because of the sheer volume of messages to be found in it.

Our voting system currently does not support GnuPG, but gecko was working
on that last I heard.

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