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Re: Feaping Creature-ism in core Debian Packages

>>"Dale" == Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> writes:

 Dale> Well, first of all, source builds _are_ crucial to package installation.
 Dale> Without the ability to build source, you have no package to install.

        You are not providing the context. On my machines, 99.9% of
 the packages installed have not been compiled from source by me, and
 despite the fact that I can't build most from source (I have no
 helper packages installed), I still have the ability to install

        You are possibly talking about a bootstrap new port build
 system? That is so special cased! 

 Dale> Having a subset of perl in the base system is part of the cause for perls
 Dale> apparent "instability". The fact that you can pre-depend on
 Dale> this limited
        One does not need to predepend at all. Perl-base is Essential.

 Dale> perl, and use perl in the package build, opens the door to the
 Dale> use of non-supported-by-base-perl instructions in the package
 Dale> build. Because the maintainer is a perl buff, and has all the
 Dale> perl extensions and libraries installed, he never notices the
 Dale> slight "creep" away from the designated features of the tool
 Dale> set.

        I still think that is OK. I use all kinds of tools i my build,
 and I don't see why I have to make the build process harder to cater
 to a one time bootstrap issue (since you have not provided the
 context, I'm guessing wildly). 

 Dale> I don't object to perl, any more than I object to any other
 Dale> package. I just think that we are being way to relaxed in our
 Dale> treatment of the complex interconnectedness we are creating
 Dale> with these indeterminate source dependencies.

        I think the priority is quality and features the .deb package,
 and bootstrapping porting autobuild systems comes as a far
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