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Re: this all this xxx-jp nonsense (was: Re: ITP: grep-ja)

At Tue, 31 Aug 1999 14:32:57 +0900,
Kenshi Muto <kmuto@debian.org> wrote:

> joey> Package: tcl8.0-ja
> joey> Package: tk8.0-ja
> Hmm, Tcl and Tk ja patch will not cause any problem on English
> environment. I think original Tcl/Tk maintainer can adopt ja patched
> version.

I have aleady contacted to the tcl/tk's maintainer and it is decided that
they are to be separated from original tcl/tk so that the fact: 

> I heard new Tcl/Tk will implement Unicode support.

Becase new tcl/tk8.1 is inmplementing Unicode support, we will be not
to need -ja. But tcl/tk8.1 is not currently released and dupload to
Debian, too. So I need to dupload them to Debian as temporary needs.
(I think of Debian as the pool of all free software, not of Debian-JP.)

I need them *now*, not the future when making them merge, so
if the new version is released, I will withdraw them and orphan it.

We, I and tcl/tk's maintainer, compare the effort to merge with
the effort to wait and choose the latter :)

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