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Re: linux device drivers

On Mon 30 Aug 1999, Sean 'Shaleh' Perry wrote:
> On 25-Aug-99 ICON ICON wrote:
> > I am a C++ programmer, and I'm intrested in writing device drivers for 
> > linux. Since I know that one cannot use normal pc assembly on linux 
> > compilers (i've tried using the asm tag with gcc g++, did not work) to 
> > define the hardware interface. What is the linux device driver structure? 
> > How does linux define hardware interface?
> there is a REALLY good O'Reilly book called "linux device drivers".  Check it
> out.
> gcc will take asm, just not the same style as used in dos/windows land.

Don't forget that linux is more than just an intel system. Chances are
that the device you're planning to write a driver for will also work on
alpha's and powerpc's. If you use assembler, be prepared to write
assembler for all such architectures; using C however means your driver
will work just fine on any and all architectures that support your

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