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Re: ITP: Xracer, C++ book

On Wed, Sep 01, 1999 at 08:56:41 +0200, Peter Makholm wrote:
> Filip Van Raemdonck <mechanix@digibel.org> writes:
> > Also, I'd like to package a book on C++ which is available from
> > www.pragsoft.com.
> IMHO this isn't a good thing to package. I see no need for a fancy
> packaging system just to distribute documentation. It would take to much
> space, with to little gain.

You'd be amazed how often one sees request for libstdc++ documentation on
the gnu.* groups and Debian lists. I'm not in favour of packing up any etext
we can find, but this may be genuinely useful documentation (even if it's
regrettably non-free) that is very related to software development (Debian
is very popular under programmers/developers).

> The next thing is to package the Gutenberg Project?

Let's not start that discussion again. Look in the mailing list archives for
(anarchist|anarchy|anarchism) for an earlier flamewar on this topic.

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