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Re: sox without play ?

>>>>> "Nicolas" == Nicoloas Lichtmaier <nick@debian.org> writes:

    Kohda> Since yesterday, my mail checker, which tells me new mail
    Kohda> by "play", became silent.
    Kohda> I found there is no play command in sox. Is this bug of sox
    Kohda> or something changed ?
    Kohda> Thanks in advance, 1999.8.25
    Nicolas> You can install the bplay package.

Why has this changed? 'play' from the sox package is depended upon by
many programs I use. 'bplay' used to only be able to play .wav
files; has this changed?

If not, 'play' should definitely return to the sox package. It's useful
because it figures out for itself how to play most esoteric sound file

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