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Re: how to make Debian less fragile (long and philosophical)

* Justin Wells said:

> Marek, what's going on here is subtle so I should explain. You aren't
> seeing the echoes from your startup file because bash isn't going 
> that it would go interactive since you specified (in one case) 
> that -t option giving it a TTY.
Yes, now I get it. Thanks for the explanation - I have just tested it, it's
exactly how you say it is... :(

> What you really want to do to test this out is change your shell 
> to echo, so you can see what happens when ssh calls.
I did, and yep, ssh2 uses the /etc/passwd shell for the account and, yes,
Michael was perfectly right on that one.
> It's my belief that ssh relies on your shell for everything; a good
> reason was provided by Michael Stone: in case you have set a user with
> a restrictive shell, ssh shouldn't allow them to circumvent that.
So, indeed, the only reasonable way is to create another UID 0 account which
would allow ssh login with a static shell. However, to minimize the burden
of password maintenance of two privileged accounts, I think the account
should have a * as a password and RSA/DSA should be used to log onto that
account. It seems to me it's quite a secure method and one that requires the
potential user of this way of logging onto that account to set it up and
thus to understand the way things work. Comments?


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