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Re: how to make Debian less fragile (long and philosophical)

* Steve Willer said:

> > > I got one libc error, but it continued. I can only assume ssh is executing
> > > your startup files with bash but perhaps not running the command through
> > > bash?
> > No. ssh doesn't execute anything except what you specified on the command
> > line. I put echos in all the startup files (sash reads only .aliasrc AFAIR
> > and not any other config file) and none of them showed up. The only process
> > running on the allocated terminal was sash. ssh forks and then execs
> > directly what you typed on the command line.
> This may be in ssh2 but not in ssh. I was using v1. I think most people
> still use v1, but I could be wrong.
You're right, that's because ssh v2 license is too restrictive and too
expensive. But, for administrative purposes, you can install ssh2 to run on
another port and use it only to do remote management - it has many security
features that are quite interesting for the admin.


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