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Re: I'd like to coordinate a major update of stable

Kenneth Scharf wrote:
> You know Redhat does have an update page on their FTP site for upgraded
> packages to their current release.  I don't know if they burn new CD's
> between releases and just ship the most current stuff or expect
> everyone to check their website for updates.  No reason that Debian
> can't do the same.  That way you don't have a complete new sub release,
> just a set of upgraded packages that work with the current stable
> release located in a separate directory on the site.  

Some things, like 2.2 kernels and updated pcmcia drivers are necessary to
install in the first place on newer machines. Putting it up on a web page
isn't good enough for stuff like that.

Anyway, we do already have a stable-updates directory, you know.

see shy jo

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