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Re: history (Was Re: Corel/Debian Linux Installer)

Dale Scheetz writes:

    > [...] here's my plan:

    > 50 - 100 Meg          Root partition
    > 100 Meg               Swap partition
    > .5 - 1 Gig            User partition
    > 200 Meg               Home partition
    > 100 Meg               Var  partition

I'm usually creating a separate partition for /boot, since this should
make the transition to a journaled filesystem easier.  It's also useful
if the BIOS can't handle large disks.

The installer (or the manual) should also point out that commercial
applications may require an /opt partition.

    > Link /tmp to /var/tmp and the system is complete, and should
    > have enough disk space for installing almost any/all packages.

What happens if /var can't be mounted?

Wouldn't it be better to create an extra partition for /tmp with 20 or
30 MBytes?  If /tmp can't be mounted, the system will still be able to
use the mount point on the root filesystem.

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