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Re: spice (circuit simulator) again

On Tue, Aug 17, 1999 at 03:11:43PM +0200, Michael Pronath wrote:
>   I guess I found a compromise between spice copyright issues and
>   my intent to have a debian package of it.  I put a .dsc file and
>   a .diff.gz file to my homepage, and anyone may download
>   spice3f5sbins.tar.gz legally from Berkeley, and create a private
>   debian binary package.  Instructions are at
>               http://eda.ei.tum.de/~mcp/spicedeb/
>  Michael Pronath

Michael, thanks for your effort, I will try it out!

I still cannot understand why spice is downloadable from
sunsite, on http://hera.eecs.berkeley.edu/~software/spice3f5.html,
you will see that a license costs you 250 dollars.

Nevertheless, thanks for packaging it.
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