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Re: history (Was Re: Corel/Debian Linux Installer)

On Mon, 16 Aug 1999, Jonathan Walther wrote:

> On todays large harddrives, it seems insane to worry about not being able to
> use 100M or so of the harddrive, when it buys you so much insurance.  On ALL
> my harddrives, here is the scheme:
> /    128M
> swap 128M
> /var 128M
> /usr all the rest.
> /home -> symlink to /usr/home
> /tmp -> symlink to /usr/tmp

Why in earth would you ever want to do -that-? I gives you zippo benifit
and just makes it likely to fill up /var! Having a seperate / is almost
understandable (and IMHO useless for all but some very special and rare
circumstances) but /var? Yuk.

Let us do quick survey shall we?
 my box - 139490 K
 master - 217605 K
 saens  - 423452 K
 va     - 865201 K
[ not wholy accurate, I've symlinked some of the sub dirs in var around
  because they filled up the drive they are on, numbers are bigger ]

Really, trying to guess a correct value for such a filesystem is just
going to fail. It is also evident that 128m is rediculously small for
anything but light use.

If you try to make an installer predict partition sizes for /usr, /home,
/var and /tmp you will fail. It simply isn't worth the trouble, it
provides questionable gains (if any) and is alot of pointless hassle.


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