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Somebody having the time to NMU python-gnome?

Hi *, 

I am currently on vacation without access to a decent developer machine. I just
got a bug report against python-gtk (#23015). The problem is that I was trying
to get the gtlglarea code working but ran out of time so I thought I will just
make a package without it. 

Problem: The configure script actually activated the OpenGL-stuff because I
installed the needed packages (gtkglarea and the -dev package). I does not
really work but of course the shlibdeps were added accordingly. 

As I am unable to provide a fix I would like somebody to recompile it without
the gtkglarea stuff. All you need to do is 

apt-get source python-gnome
cd python-gnome-1.0.4
<edit debian/changelog to reflect the NMU>
dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot

The package needs the GNOME development libs installed as well as python-dev
and the libgtk1.2-dev. As such the maintainer of some Gnome package would be
well suited for this job :) I hope I did not forget anything.

In case nobody has the time I will do it as soon as I am back at my machine.


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