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Re: libc6.2.0pre?

Brent Fulgham wrote:
> Does anyone know if the new libc6.2pre version in potato has threading
> issues?  My system got upgraded via dselect the other night, and now omniorb
> is segfaulting on startup.
> This has been verified by at least one other person, but I'm wondering if
> there is data on what has changed in libc6.2, and if any other packages are
> experiencing the same breakage.

I already mailed Brent earlier and submitted this to debian-glibc... but in case
anyone needs the patch, apply this to 2.1.2pre2-5 (current version as of
08/07/99 this morning)...

HJL sent me this and it fixes the pthreads bug.. I tested OmniORB2 with it and
it started right up as soon as I replaced my libc...

--- ../../import/glibc-2.1/libc/malloc/malloc.c Wed Jul 21 07:30:38 1999
+++ malloc/malloc.c     Fri Aug  6 14:25:42 1999
@@ -1649,6 +1649,9 @@ ptmalloc_init __MALLOC_P((void))
   if(__malloc_initialized >= 0) return;
   __malloc_initialized = 0;
+#ifdef _LIBC
+  __libc_pagesize = __getpagesize();
 #ifndef NO_THREADS
 #if defined _LIBC || defined MALLOC_HOOKS
   /* With some threads implementations, creating thread-specific data
@@ -1663,7 +1666,6 @@ ptmalloc_init __MALLOC_P((void))
   /* Initialize the pthreads interface. */
   if (__pthread_initialize != NULL)
-  __libc_pagesize = __getpagesize();


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