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Re: Unsupported Debian [was: Re: [New maintainer] Working for De

On Fri, Aug 06, 1999 at 09:49:44AM -0500, Craig Brozefsky wrote:
> I don't see how you go from acknowledging that new-maintainers is
> swamped, to insinuating that Debian is ignoring new blood.  That is a
> sizeable leap, and you are not giving any evidence to support it.
> People are attempting to fix this problem, but new-maintainers is a
> rather important, and difficult post, so not just anyone can take up
> that task.  The people in that post are also heavily involved in other
> aspects of Debian, so there is much contention for their time.

I think that in all fairness the new maintainer team has brought some of
this on themselves. I understand that they're busy, but they have
consistently declined the assistance that offered whenever this topic
arises. I understand that the new-maintainer people need to be trusted,
but are there really only three trustworthy people out of the hundreds
of maintainers? From the outside I think that it must look like the team
is trying to maintain exclusivity, and excercises too much ungoverned
power over the process. (This perception is exacerbated, IMO, by
periodic messages to the tune of "we'll drag our feet more if there is
public complaint.") This topic has come up entirely too often to be
shrugged off, and I think it is time to come up with some new
procedures to address what has become a common concern.

Mike Stone

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