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Re: Proposal: Network configuration file format

Brian Bassett wrote:
> Anthony Towns wrote:
> >
> > On Wed, Aug 04, 1999 at 10:13:17AM +0200, Rene Mayrhofer wrote:
> > > Here is my proposal for a network configuration file format.
> >
> > Hmmm. I suppose that's my cue.
> >
> > Included in netbase 3.14-4 (and the short lived 3.14-3 too actually),
> > and currently available for i386, m68k and alpha, are a couple of
> > binaries "/sbin/ifup" and "/sbin/ifdown", and a configuration file
> > "/etc/network/interfaces".
> >
> > Note, this is existing, working, even partially tested (!) code.
> Cool.
> > Actually, the other biggest change I expect is an "/etc/interface/up.d/"
> > directory for handling any services that need to be reconfigured/restarted
> > when interfaces change; for example proxy redirectors, bind, NFS mounts,
> > etc.
> Oooh...oooh...oooh...  Pull this off an I will eternally in your debt.
> ipmasq needs to have its script run whenever interfaces change.  This,
> along with possibly an /etc/interface/down.d/ would make my life sooo
> much easier.
This would really be a powerful feature. I am just thinking of
firewalling rules and bandwidth play coming up and down with ppp
> > Anyway. Have a look at /etc/network/interfaces and play around. The "-v"
> > and "-n" (verbose, and no-act) will probably be useful. If you use "-n"
> > it'll tell you exactly what commands it would run.
> I'll have a look at it.
> > > rule { from "dialin" to "internet" masquerade }
> > > rule { from "dialin" to "internal" reject incoming }
> >
> > These could be kind of cute, though.
> <PLUG TYPE=shameless> Yeah, but why reinvent the wheel when ipmasq does
> this kinda stuff already? </PLUG>
My main point is that I want to use named network definitions. These
definitions should be the same as used for the routing entries and
therfore I thought of naming the networks at the same stage where
interfaces are defined. I am not very familiar with ipmasq. Are these
named network definitions possible ? Is ipmasq aimed for easy setups or
for general ipchains rule definitions ?


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