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Re: Proposal: Network configuration file format

In article <cistron.Pine.LNX.4.04.9908041205050.20214-100000@elijah.nodomainname.net>,
Jakob 'sparky' Kaivo <jkaivo@ndn.net> wrote:
>IANADD, but while the /23 notation is nice, it doesn't work for all
>possible netmasks. Netmasks do NOT have to be in the form of a bunch of
>ones followed by a bunch of zeros.

Well, since the introduction of  CIDR, some 10 years ago, non-contiguous
netmasks have been pretty much forbidden. You can use them but no guarantees.

>Of course, I don't know anyone who would actually use
>such a goofy netmask, but it's possible.

Nobody in his right mind would do that.

>BTW, he had the broadcast right
>for the network and netmask.

No he didn't

... somehow I have a feeling the hurting hasn't even begun yet
	-- Bill, "The Terrible Thunderlizards"

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