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Re: postgresql-6.5.1-3 bug

Christian Leutloff wrote:
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  >Eric BARROCA <ebarroca@linuxfr.org> writes:
  >> I think I've found 2 bugs in the news postgresql-6.5.1-3 package :
  >> 	1)/etc/init/postmaster.init is in the old format (postmaster tell
  >> me)

If it is telling you, then it has not overwritten the old one because it
is a changed conf file; that is the point of the warning in the init.d
script.  Merge your changes with the new script as it tells you to.

  >> 	2)when I run createdb, it says : 
  >> 		Could not execv /usr/lib/postgresql/bin/psql
  >> 		createdb: database creation failed on eric.
  >> Do you know how to fix it ?
  >update libpostgresql, too.

  >If it doesn't fix the error message remove the symlink
  >/usr/lib/postgresql/bin/psql and install it again (dpkg -i).
This problem should no longer occur, from 6.5.1-4 onwards, because
postgresql now depends on libpgsql2 (>= 6.5.1-4).

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