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Re: Sclient orphaned (yes, again) (sorry)

On Mon, Aug 02, 1999 at 12:34:54AM -0500, Brian E. Ermovick wrote:
> I attempted to control my addiction to the computer by limiting my time
> on it - orphaning everything except sclient, and not allowing it to be
> on it as much -- it isn't working.  I'm finding myself on it more and more,

Don't we all have this problem?

> so I am apparently going to have to completely quit cold turkey.  Sorry to
> be such a hassle - I'd hoped things would go better than this.

I am sorry, but I don't understand - if you can't get it working, ask for
help. After all you are not alone. There are >500 developers. Write to
debian-devel that you can't get that thing working and let other developers
have a try. There is a big change that somebody gets it going.

I don't think that you are expected to invest a lot of time into your package
running against a barrier. You need to get the packaging done but you need not
be the person who understands the code and gets it working.

Report it upstream and if the author is not able to do anything about it - ask

> Sclient is a GTK-based mud client - it's quite nice - but currently has
> a bug - the upstream author knows this - but it doesn't crash on all linux
> distributions - debian and one other one are the only ones so far that it
> crashes on.

Two Linux distributions it crashes on? That should wake the author up. I guess
it is working on SuSE Linux? ;)

I will take a look. Perhaps it's just a programmer error.

> To those of you who know me, I bid you farewell

Seems like retiring is a new trend in Debian :(


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