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New Maintainer Required for ...


 due to an increasing lack of free time, plus me moving to Germany in
 the next couple of months (where I have no idea if I'll be able to
 keep working with debian at all, neither as a maintainer nor as a
 user), the following packages need a new maintainer ASAP (source

 fltk: be prepared to deal with Windows-related-problems.  Doesn't get
 updated too often nowadays -- waiting for fltk 2 to enter beta.
 gltt, moonlight: you better like 3d modelling if you want to take
 these ones -- you are going to have a great time, upstream is very
 friendly and helpful.  This doesn't get updated too often.

 wsoundprefs, wsoundserver

 some of these packages have old standing bugs, some wishlist.

 Additionally, if you have interest in the following packages, take a
 look at the source and bugs first.  I'd like someone to NMU this for
 a while before giving them away if at all (read, I want to keep
 working on them, but it will take a couple of months before I know
 what exactly my situation will be in Germany regarding Debian)

 asclock: working on a new release

 libproplist: non-maintained upstream, AFAIK.  Needed for wmaker and

 login.app: it's in alpha right now, there's a (experimental) package
 waiting in Incoming.  There's an stable version in slink and potato.

 panorama: I'm working on this one, I'm interested in developing
 parallel rendering support using MPI.  This one has a lot of future,
 it's a GNU package, really nice.  Upstream is from Spain, in case any
 Spanish developers are interested, it's possible you live close to

 wmaker: a source nightmare waiting to be solved.  Upstream is _very_
 cooperative, but a bit hard headed at times (and upstream likes
 Debian -- doesn't use it, but likes it)

 Thanks in advance.



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