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Re: Working for Debian is not just about packages

On Mon, Aug 02, 1999 at 11:34:37AM +0900, sen_ml@eccosys.com wrote:
> cas> use it for 5 minutes, and all of the above will be self-evident.
> i use it occasionally (and info-mode in emacs frequently) and i don't
> share your opinion.
> if you are going to claim these things:
>   -abysmal user interface
>   -clumsy to use
>   -never does what you expect
>   -search facility is next to useless
> i think you should be willing to say specifically how.

like i said, use it and all these will be self-evident.

you are at liberty to disagree, i don't give a damn.

i have better things to do with my time than document and/or explain the
shortcomings of a program i do not and will not use, especially when
there are alternative programs which do the job and which don't suck.

> > (if you've already become familiar with info then try running it
> > while expecting it to behave similarly to almost every other text
> > viewer/browser type program - e.g. lynx and less)
> this sounds similar to:
>   try using vi while expecting emacs-like bindings or behavior
>                        -OR-
>   try using emacs while expecting vi-like bindings or behavior
> is that what you meant?

no, it means exactly what it says it means - that it does not work
similarly to standard tools. i sincerely hope that the significance
of this does not escape you entirely, as i would hate to think i was
completely wasting my time by writing to you.

you are at liberty to not care that info(1) is non-standard and violates
the principle of least surprise wherever possible. again, i don't give a

> > > are there specific ways in which it could be improved that you can
> > > suggest?
> >
> > ditch it and use pinfo instead.
> since you did not give a specific method of improving the info
> program, i presume you mean that you think there are no ways in which
> it could be improved.

correct.  finally.

> > really.  /usr/bin/info is a waste of time.  
> i do not share your opinion on this matter.  (this is not to say that
> i don't think pinfo is nice -- now that i've been introduced to pinfo,
> i like it as well).

again, you are at liberty to hold whatever opinions you like. i still
don't give a damn.

> but it is clear that you do not like the info program, and do not
> appear to have any interest in having it improved, so i am probably
> wasting my breath :-)

this should have been obvious right from my very first posting about

my message said "info sucks, here are some decent alternatives".  From
this, it should have been obvious that i am not at all interested in
info itself.

> let's not discuss this any more, as it is does not appear to be a
> constructive discussion.

finally, you get the message.


craig sanders

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