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Re: Unsupported Debian [was: Re: [New maintainer] Working for De

On 29-Jul-99 Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:

> First, an executive summary: I think it will happen, wether Debian old-timers
> like it or not. I suggest here some ways to diminish the risks.

Right! Probably it will happen.
> - the ability of apt to use several sources,
> - the fact that new maintainers applications are no longer processed, except 
> in some specific cases.

Then very wannabe developers can't wait several months without distributing the
work. There are many interesting and useful program debianized but we won't
able to use them till 2.3 release. It's normal that those packages will be put
somewhere on the net.
> - second, Debian should organize this network a bit. Many official developers
> publish apt-compatible addresses where anyone can fetch unsupported packages.
> There is no reason that non-developers could not do it. All what is missing
> is a list of such addresses (it is often requested on support lists "I've
> heard that someone is making unofficial packages of foobar, where can I find
> them?"). I suggest the following:

This is true. Many peopla ask for new package after ITPs.
> A Web page on www.debian.org listing all these addresses. At the top, a BIG
> WARNING (yours, Domenico, is perfect). Then, the list. At the bottom, a small
> form to submit new entries (so it can be reasonably managed) and delete old
> ones. I volunteer for the script.

Smart solution. I hope that new maintainer problem has to be cleared, but this
is an alternative.

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