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Intent to Orphan Packages

Hello all,

I've decided that I ought to orphan some of my packages since I no
longer use them actively.  Up for adoption are:

* libcgic:  Boutell.com's cgic CGI library
I just closed (or will, as soon as dinstall runs today) the only open
bugs against the packages.  This source package generates 5 packages: 2
library packages, 2 -dev packages, and a CGI program for debugging.

* wxWindows: The wxWindows cross-platform application framework library
This consists of four source packages: wxxt, wxgtk, wxgtk2.1, and
python-wxwin.  Each of the first three make a binary library package and
a dev package.  python-wxwin just produces a Python module package.  All
four packages have a relatively clean build process.

Please let me know if you're interested in picking up any of these. 
(I'll continue to maintain them if no one does, but I don't how much
time I'll be able to spend on something I don't use actively.)

Brian Bassett

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