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Re: Large scale installations of debian

> Hi all!
> First of all.  Sorry for crossposting to two mailinglist but I think
> this would be a big issue for beowulf installs as well.
> Here at the Royal Institute of Technology in sweden we are going to support
> Linux as one of our official operatingsystem.  As a big fan of debian (been
> using it for years and love it) I said that we should use debian.  However
> we pretty soon got into trouble.
> What we want to do is this.  Grabb a computer.  Plug boot on a bootdisk.
> Now everything should install with as few questions as possible and
> become exactly the way we want it. :)  The install should be done though
> nfs, ftp or preferably afs.
> The installation-program didn't really work in a way to make this easy.
> This is something that isn't to hard to fix tought.
> Now to the large problem.  All debian packages can have install and
> uninstall scripts and alot of them do.  Alot of the scripts asks
> the user questions.  I've always liked this for my own computers but
> this is NOT practical if you want to install 20+ mashines for example.
> The Debian-comunity should be very interested in being able to do large
> installations since this is something that will become more usual as
> more and more companis and schools will use Linux.
> Is there any good way to solve this.  I've read about people doing
> tee pkg.log | dpkg -i pkg-xxx.deb and than installed the packages by doing
> dpkg -i pkg-xxx.deb < pgk.log on all the mashines that should have this
> package but I find this combersome.
> What is your thoughts about this!?
> /Erik
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