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ITP: Launcher

ITP for "Launcher" - which will be recommended by "TkSmb" which I've also

README for launcher version 0.85 - updated 6/7/99

Ethan Gold <etgold@cs.columbia.edu>
This software is provided under the GNU Public License.
You should have received a copy with this distribution.

What does it do?
This launcher maps files to MIME types via filename extension or
output from the Unix "file" command.  If there are more than one
handler defined for a given MIME type it presents you with a GUI
giving you a choice of which one to use. The dialog is similar to the
Windoze "Open With" dialog box, but *gasp* resizeable! The Launcher
can also be used as a commandline MIME file typer by other applications
which need to determine the types of files (such as email programs).
There are also several additional features listed below.


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