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Re: Large scale installations of debian

Erik Bågfors wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I'm working on a system for doing semi-automatic Debian installations (code
> > name: deblab). It's more of a hack than an elegant solution but it works
> > for us (tm) in our department (Debian on Sparc, Alpha and i386, different
> > package lists for terminal and server).

> Why a tar-ball?? Why not a deb-package?
> > * the following installation is done in three phases which are executed by a
> >   simple bash script:
> >
> > 1. configure apt and install some necessary packages (I use cfengine and
> >    expect as installation engines)

It's the same problem I have. I've posted a question like that a few
weeks ago.
I currently work on the PingOO ver. 2 (http://www.linuxedu.org).
Its aim is to make a automated distribution for communication server in
educational environnement and now in several public organization.
In Redhat (...sorry) there is kickstart for making automatically
For Debian, I think it's currently in developpment.

This is the method I have done :
I use a configuration file that is called by the scripts of the package
I have modified.
So, when the package is done, you just have to make some apt-get install
and it's all !

But, the problem is that I have to re-make some packages (essentially
network packages).
So, it's to be continued...

ps :
Is it possible to automatized the fdisk for size of partitions ?

Good continuation !

Fabien SALVI             Centre de Ressources Informatiques
                        Centre Universitaire et de Recherche
                                   74166 Archamps      

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