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Re: Large scale installations of debian

On Thu, Jul 29, 1999 at 10:55:57AM +0200, zk@stardust.open.net.pl wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 29, 1999 at 09:28:01AM +0200, Erik Bågfors wrote:
> > 
> > Now to the large problem.  All debian packages can have install and
> > uninstall scripts and alot of them do.  Alot of the scripts asks
> > the user questions.  I've always liked this for my own computers but
> > this is NOT practical if you want to install 20+ mashines for example.
> > 
> Install Debian at one machine and then copy all files over the network
> using special boot floppy. If disks are identical you can even copy
> whole hard disk (no fdisking is needed).
> Then you must configure some parameters (name, IP address etc).

Then what happens when I want to upgrade all of them.  I will have to 
install all the packages by hand or reinstall the whole thing. 

We also do not need ONE kind of install but several.  One for workstations, 
one for servers, one for laptop's and so on.  Then we would have to install
three or more machines and then copy all the files to the net somewhere and
then when we want to change something we have trouble.  It's not a good 

This is not what I want.  I want something closer to what redhat has with
it's kickstart file.  

I really belive that debian needs something like this to be competitive in 
the future.


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